Board of Registration in Medicine Online Complaint System

Welcome to the Board of Registration in Medicine's Online Complaint System. This website allows you to enter a complaint against a physician or acupuncturist electronically. If your complaint is about a physician, you are encouraged to use our automatic physician lookup feature, which will facilitate the processing of your complaint.

Your complaint narrative is limited to 1500 words, so you should be concise. You will be able to provide follow-up information if necessary.

This website allows complaints to be submitted against a single physician or acupuncturist. These complaints must be electronically signed. To submit an Anonymous complaint or a complaint against multiple physicians/acupuncturists, please call 781-876-8200 and ask for Enforcement.

To ensure your privacy, you will not be able to save your work and go back to it later. We suggest that you have all of your information ready before you begin. You will be able to print a copy of your complaint at the end of the process.

This website works best with Internet Explorer 8 and above, Chrome 29 and above, Mozilla Firefox 28 and above, Safari 6 and above.


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